How to reach me

Worldwide & for free ;-):

Skype misterschneemann
Info Skype
ICQ 93640807
Info ICQ
(not for free, like german landline)
+49 89 420957176
Info SIPgate

In Munich (München):

Mobile Phone +49 163 3646398
Landline Phone +49 89 24414674
no T-Com
Postal Adress Leopoldstr. 138, D-80804 München, GERMANY

In Schopfheim:
at my parents place, holydays only

Mobile number same as above, of course
+49 7622 672664
Postal Adress Talstr. 55, D-79650 Schopfheim, GERMANY
Info Skype:
Skype Homepage/Download
Info ICQ:
Oficial ICQ-Homepage

Miranda (neat ICQ Clone) Homepage/Download

Info SIPgate:
SIP is a Standard for IP-Telephony (similar to Skype) and SIPgate provides a gate to the old fashioned telephone network.
Thus I'm available worldwide through a german local number and can call old fashioned phones worldwide at the same cheap rates, indifferent of my whereabouts.
The quality cannot yet compete with phonelines, though.
SIPgate Homepage (german)